Premium Hot Drink Cup - Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Premium Hot Drink Cup - Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Ripple wall paper cup, an advanced disposable paper container used for daily drinking, is in the shape of a mouth cup, with an outer layer of neatly arranged corrugated paper cup walls, which has a strong thermal insulation effect. It is a new type of paper cup that is further improved on the basis of disposable paper cups.


Our company's ripple wall paper cup is placed on the outside of a single layer cup and then pasted with a layer of corrugated sheet to achieve the purpose of heat insulation. It is often used to hold hot drinks, such as coffee.


The corrugated sheet itself has two layers, a base paper and a face paper. The face paper is corrugated, folded out by a special machine, and adhered to the brown base paper to form the entire corrugated sheet.


If you want to purchase biodegradable and environmentally friendly corrugated cups, please contact us for more details.